by Amanda Macintyre-Steele on Jun 13, 2017 at 2:04pm

Login Keychain Issues 

Written by Premjit Singh (prsingh@cbe.ab.ca)

If you are getting those annoying pop-ups for the login keychain being incorrect or that a program needs to use the “login” keychain (as shown below), it means you recently changed your password and the new one didn’t synchronize with your Apple Keychain password management tool. Thereby wreaking havoc with your mental health and might lead to end of the world…

There are now two facets in addressing the issue:

  1. How to fix the issue and get rid of the pop-ups?
  2. More importantly, how to avoid facing this issue in the first place.

Let’s look at these one by one.

To fix this issue, you need to perform the steps given below. 

  1. Do not attempt to close out the keychain pop-up messages, if you click on cancel on one then next one will come up and you’ll keep clicking till the cows come home (who knows, they might not!)
  2. Just move the pop-up message to one side of the screen so that can work on the steps. Make sure you see your desktop background and all other windows are closed/minimized.
  3. With your left hand (or right hand if you are a lefty) press the option key on the keyboard and keep it pressed. Now with your other hand click on the ‘Go’ on the Apple menu bar at the top.
  4. Keeping the option key pressed while clicking on ‘Go’ enables us to view the Library folder in the list, if you don’t have option pressed you won’t see this Library folder. So, click on the library folder. You can then release the option key.
  5. A new Finder window will open with the Library directory open.
  6. The folders will be alphabetically listed, so you can either press K couple of times to highlight ‘Keychains’ folder or scroll down using the touchpad. Open this folder.
  7. You’ll see some files in this folder, press Command + A keys together to select all the files/folders within Keychains folder. Press Command + Delete keys to move them to Trash.
  8. Now simply restart the Mac (do no just hit log off, you need to focus here!).
  9. After the Mac reboots and you login again, a new keychain will be created with the password you entered at the time of login. You should not be seeing the pop-up messages anymore.

 Steps to avoid facing this issue in the first place.

The issue occurs because of the way CBE Password tool/process doesn’t talk nicely with the Apple Password Management, a.k.a.  Login Keychain.

When you get the prompt to change your CBE password every 60 days at the login screen, you normally click on ‘Change password’ over there. What this does is breaks the Apple Keychain management. Thus, you get those annoying pop-ups afterwards. To avoid this:

  1. Click on ‘Continue’ instead at the login screen when the Change Password notification comes up, not at ‘Change password’.
  2. Continue to login to your normal desktop screen. Once there, click on Apple on the top left and click on System Preferences.
  3. Click on Users & Groups over here, as shown below.

4. You’ll see your username listed on the RHS of the Users & Groups preference pane, click on ‘Change password’ over there.

5. Once you change your password, you won’t get any notification. Simply restart the Mac for the new password to kick in.

6. Upon restart enter your new password; this will also be synchronized with your CBE credentials. So you won’t be getting the ‘Change password’ notification at login anymore.

7. You’re done!

Remember to change your password every 2 months (or when you start getting the notification at logon) using this process and you won’t face the ‘login keychain’ pop-ups anymore!

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